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Be Inspired by sporting heros

At inspiration for schools we believe that all young people have the potential to achieve and often all it takes is a little encouragement and direction to unlock their talents and allow their dreams to become a reality.

Visiting schools across the country we bring a bolt of excitement through the school by brining pupils face to face with the cream of our nations sporting crop; commonwealth medallists, European champions and Olympians from a number of sports to encourage pupils to believe in their own capabilities, realise their potential and achieve their personal best in life.

Educating them on the importance of a healthy diet and motivating them to actively participate in sports, we demonstrate that a healthy eating and an active lifestyle can be fun and rewarding.

It is our ambition to grow throughout the whole of the UK and visit every school in Britain with the best of our national athletes visiting primary and secondary schools, putting the development of the children at the heart of Inspiration for schools.

In his own words Charlie Flynn, the founder of Inspiration 4 schools, Scottish, British and Commonwealth games gold medallist…

“After my success at the 2014 Commonwealth games I was invited to schools to inspire our youth; giving presentational talks, training sessions, sharing my experiences and telling my story, the majority of which was done for free. During the four years of travelling Scotland visiting schools it did not take me long to realise from the gratitude of the teachers and positive effects on the pupils, that although there are many role models in our society there was no structure in place that allowed them to visit schools and invest time back into our younger community.

I have a genuine interest in the development our country’s children, coming from a working class background and after receiving little to no funding through more than ninety percent of my career there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are helping to shape the future leaders of our country in schools and at the same time helping our top athletes, giving both pupils and athletes something I would have loved as a youngster in school growing up in Scotland. That alone is a gift and the motivation behind launching Inspiration 4 Schools.

Charlie’s story

Charlie started boxing at his local club at seven years old, from humble beginnings in the small industrial town of Motherwell. It was then living alongside his 6 siblings in Newarthill when he set out on his dreams of becoming a recognised force in the boxing world.

With no funding in place at eighteen years old, working a full-time job in the Royal mail, trained by his dad and childhood coach Wull Downie, he reigned as the Scottish and British champion being one the youngest to win a senior British title taking it from the hands of one of team GB’s funded full-time athletes live on BBC.

Two years later after travelling with team Scotland and entering international boxing tournaments he was ranked in the top twenty in the world for his weight division and exploded onto the scene after taking gold at the Commonwealth games in his home city of Glasgow, leaving the amateurs as the reigning Scottish, British and Commonwealth champion.

Now an undefeated professional he continues his journey in the world of boxing and has used his time and money in between training camps, with no grants or financial support to create Inspiration 4 schools. This unique system enables athletes to enter schools to share their stories and giving them the opportunity and platform to learn the keys of success and develop a positive mindset.


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“We are on a mission to inspire the next generation of youngsters to get motivated, think bigger and live healthier lives”.  Charlie Flynn

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