High Schools

High Schools

Our High school events are structured to prepare students for future challenges in life. Our Athlete will motivate pupils to achieve in their studies, encourage a strong work ethic and demonstrate how to develop a winning mindset. We are very flexible with secondary schools and can generally work round any issues to make sure your event runs the way you want and has the intended impact on the pupils.  We can take the whole school, one year at a time or focus on as many year groups as the school would like. Below is an example of how a typical day would run at one of our events. (for two year groups i.e. S1 and S2)

The day begins with a training session with all the pupils who have opted in for it, as training is not mandatory although we encourage as many students to get involved as possible as we run competitive sporting contests between the classes which can turn into a real laugh for all the participants.

The training varies depending on the size of the group and the athlete taking the school however it shouldn’t exceed 40 minutes. If the school has ‘houses’ we like to divide the year groups into them and award points to the best house that has came out on top after a series of sporting challenges.

After the training is completed all the students gather for the assembly which is split into two halves, finishing with a Q and A session and leaving plenty of time afterwards for everyone and anyone to mix/ask questions/talk to the athlete and have free photographs with them wearing their medals/sporting memorabilia (which can range from national to Olympic medals).

The first half of the assembly is designed to be purely inspirational which focuses on the athlete and their journey through life to get to where they are today; from their school days, the changes in their diet, their achievements and failures, their stories of how they overcame adversity and tackled their life-long goals to travelling the world representing their country in tournaments at the highest international level.

The second half of the assembly is solely centred on the students with the athlete sharing their insights and unique experiences with them as someone at the top of their field, aiming to help broaden the students’ horizons, make them feel confident about the possibilities for their future and motivate them to reach their maximum potential.  

Explaining the importance of a positive mind, of using failure to build success, the power of body language in everyday situations and a general all-round package of what it takes to build a winning mindset that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Helping to compliment the efforts of educators to raise attainment, aspirations and get students thinking about the wider world and an increase in health and wellbeing.

During the presentation there will be prizes, videos, competitions and demonstrations with the students participating keeping their minds active and engaged throughout the whole of the assembly.

You really would need to search far and wide to find a more beneficial programme that uses sporting role models to motivate teenagers to go out and give life their best shot! A high school visit will normally take around 2-3 hours depending on the size of the school. The requirements are a projector, gym hall with mats, benches and music speakers.

As stated above we are extremely flexible with secondary schools and would encourage all schools to get in touch for any events involving health and wellbeing.



“Inspiration for schools was fantastic and so inspirational. They put forward a great message and motivated the pupils to do more sport. It was great that so many kids and adults were so inspired in one session!!”
Stella Boland
PE Teacher Clydebank High School

Need help? Why not email us on info@inspirationforschools.com

“We are on a mission to inspire the next generation of youngsters to get motivated, think bigger and live healthier lives”.  Charlie Flynn

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