Primary Schools

Primary Schools

Our visit’s for primary schools focuses on physical activities and having fun with our athletes whilst still being very inspirational, with an introduction to fitness and the importance of healthy eating.

“Fun, educational and extremely influential” are the words teachers have used to describe our visits to primary schools. The day starts with a very energetic enjoyable fitness challenge with every pupil in the school taking part.  It’s a fast-paced training circuit after which they are awarded a sticker before they return for the next part of the day.

Next up is the ‘Athletes Assembly’ in front of the whole school. Our Athlete will give a PowerPoint presentation about their journey through life, explaining how a healthy diet has helped them reach the top of their sport. They will share their experiences and tell their stories of how they travelled to tournaments around the world, this session finishes with a Q&A session.

During the presentation there will be demonstrations of the athlete’s sport with the pupils taking part.  Included will be videos and pictures of the athlete in action, during this time the Athlete’s sporting memorabilia will be passed around the children for them to hold and try on.  (this could be anything from national to olympic medals, sporting awards, olympic torch etc).

There will be photograph opportunities available for all pupils together with the athlete and medals.

A school visit normally lasts around two hours  but will vary depending on the size of the school.  We cover large primary schools of around 500+ pupils to small schools of around fifty pupils.

Give your pupils the opportunity to train with a professional athlete, wear their medals and be their very own champion for a day in school! It truly is an amazing day that the pupils will remember for the rest of their lives!

  • Train with an Athlete
  • Hear their story
  • Watch the presentation
  • Handle medals
  • Take your picture
  • Be Inspired

The only requirements for a visit are a projector, gym hall with mats and benches, music speakers and most importantly… a bunch of noisy kids ready to have fun.

Inspiration for Schools visits Inverlochy Primary School video compliments of Mrs Groat


We had a brilliant day with inspiration for schools, first we had a quick fire fitness routine with every pupil included and having fun, followed by an excellent assembly presentation. The presentation style was great, down to earth funny and truly inspirational.
Steven Hamilton
Head Teacher

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“We are on a mission to inspire the next generation of youngsters to get motivated, think bigger and live healthier lives”.  Charlie Flynn

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